Personal Training in Las Vegaspersonal-training-in-las-vegas-1

You might be wondering, how much is personal training?

My prices are competitive and I offer a free 30 minute initial trial session to understand your goals and develop a fitness plan.    See below for standard pricing for single sessions and package options.  I have other flexible fitness packages to fit your individual needs and the prices vary based on the number of sessions purchased, if cooking classes are desired, and the duration of the session.  If  you are interested in other package options, please contact me to make another arrangement!

1 hour sessions

  • (1) 1 hour single session= $40 each
  • (8) 1 hour sessions=$280 (you save $40 by booking a package of (8) sessions!)

**Bonus** For your first booking of (8) 1 hour sessions, you will receive a free 1 hour cooking class!


30 minute sessions

  • (1) 30 minute session=$30 each
  • (8) 30 minute sessions= $200 (you save $40 by booking a package of (8) sessions!)



  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Strength training for seniors
  • Injury recovery

If you would like for me to train a caregiver who cares for your elderly loved one so that they can help them exercise every day, I would be happy to do that.



Cooking Classes

 **Cooking Sessions are available as an add-on service to personal training sessions for $15 each.  To be completed before or after your personal training session so that you get to enjoy a nutritious meal right after working out.
It is impossible to be truly healthy without eating a healthy diet.  I am happy to teach you how to cook healthy, nutritious meals.  I will help plan a menu, make a grocery list, and show you how to cook the food.  Eating at home is much less expensive than going out to eat.  I provide delicious and easy-to-follow recipes for all the foods I suggest you eat.
Once you know how to cook rice, you can cook many other grains such as quinoa and barley.  Once you know how to cook black beans, you can also cook pinto, garbanzo and kidney beans.  Once you know how to cook spinach, you can cook any green.  Most clients only need one or two cooking classes to grasp basic cooking concepts before they can cook delicious and healthy meals.

Cooking Specialties

  • Cooking for people with allergies

If someone or their child has severe allergies, I can easily show them how to cook food at home that is delicious, healthy and will not cause an allergic reaction.

  • Cooking skills for healthy independence

If someone has a child getting their first apartment and that child does not know how to cook, I can show them how to make a grocery list and cook some simple meals so they can eat at home instead of going out which is unhealthy and expensive.

  • Vegan Recipes

I enjoy a Vegan diet and I respect those who have a difference in diet preferences and choose to consume foods that I don’t personally enjoy. However, I would love to teach you some delicious recipes to add more variety of fruits and vegetables into your diet.  See below for some delicious recipes!