How to hire a Personal Trainer


 Should you hire a male or female Personal Trainer?

The gender of your Personal Trainer shouldn’t really matter but you should find someone who you get along with and who motivates you to become a better version of yourself.

Make sure that you and your Personal Trainer agree on a training philosophy and how they intend to help you reach your goals. You should trust your Trainer and his or her knowledge.



What are your fitness goals? 

Is your goal to minimize body fat and get lean all over?  Do you have a goal to increase your endurance?  Be sure to discuss your goals with your Trainer, who will be able to articulate these goals into a routine that will make these goals a reality. Your Personal Trainer should be positive and an excellent motivator, offering lots of positive reinforcement.


Your Personal Trainer, either male or female should be experienced enough to deal with any injuries or physical limitations you may have. They should have excellent observational skills.  They should be watching your every movement and correcting your form whenever necessary. Emphasis on posture and alignment to train the whole body each time, is key.


If there is pain, then adjustments to the routine need to be made.  Mild discomfort is typical as you work to strengthen your core muscles.  Your muscles will be trained to respond to a variety of positions as you become stronger and less prone to strains and injury.



Your Responsibility

You also have a responsibility in the Trainer/Trainee relationship.  It is your responsibility to disclose any physiological or psychological issues that might impact your performance.  You should also give proper notice (at least 24 hours) if you need to reschedule or cancel a session.  Also, be prepared to give maximum efforts each time you and your Personal Trainer meet for a session.