Major Study Says Mediterranean Diet Better Than Drugs

1,200 Italians with heart disease were followed over 7 years with participants recording their food intake. Participants were scored using a nine point system to appraise adherence to the diet. The participants adhering most closely to the diet had a 37% lower risk of death compared with the bottom category. Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a London cardiologist said: “The results of this robust observational study are quite extraordinary. The Mediterranean diet is more powerful than any drug at reducing death rates in patients with cardiovascular disease.”
Heart disease is the leading killer of women in America. Breast cancer is terrible, it kills 40,000 women a year. 267,000 women each year die from heart attacks – more than 6 times as many women die from heart attack than breast cancer!
So, if the Mediterranean diet lowers your risk of death, what do you want to eat to get those health benefits?
The Mediterranean diet is the traditional foods eaten by people in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea – Italy, France, Greece and Spain. The cuisines differ from each other but the foods are very similar. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, whole grains, olive oil and fish. Many studies show that the more vegetables, beans, fruits, nuts and whole grains people eat, the healthier they are and their rates of disease that plague developed countries are also lower. Less Alzheimer’s disease, less diabetes, less colon cancer.
I think it is worth mentioning here, that the diet is made up of whole foods. Tomatoes and eggplant. Beans and vegetables. Fruit for dessert. The food is grown in nearby fields and sold at farmer’s markets. Lots of greens and lots of herbs like Rosemary, basil, parsley. The dishes have been cooked and eaten in virtually the same form for generations.
I think when you stray from that concept, you risk your health. I tell clients to avoid food that is packaged in Mylar. If you avoid food that comes in packages completely you’ll be way ahead of the game. Avoid food that has ingredients you do not have in your house. I could go through the cupboards of everyone on your block and I doubt I would find guar gum, polysorbate, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose or xantham gum. These are things industry uses to make their products look good and taste good if they sit on a shelf for 6 months or even 2 years. Trust me, you don’t want the chemicals that keep an Oreo cookie tasting the same for 6 months coursing through your veins. Another health robber is enriched grains. Whole wheat is loaded with fiber and nutrients. Same thing with brown rice. For a variety of reasons, manufacturers don’t want to use the brown rice or whole wheat, so they use white rice and white flour. We would have died of malnutrition a long time ago if the white rice and white flou weren’t enriched with the vitamins that were stripped when the whole grain was turned into the white version. Enriching isn’t a little extra bonus you are getting. It is the tip off to you that the manufacturer has stripped the nutrients out of the food and replaced them with just enough synthetic vitamins so you won’t die. Thanks, but I’ll eat the whole version. So, if you are reading the labels on bread and see a loaf labeled “whole grain” or “multigrain” but you also see the word “enriched” in the ingredients run. They are not being completely honest. I have an easy whole wheat bread recipe that is just delicious. Whole wheat flour, yeast, salt, water. Period! It is my husband’s favorite bread. Makes delicious toast. Here is a favorite quote of mine – “the whiter the bread, the sooner you’re dead”