Exercise Safely In The Las Vegas Heat

It is hot outside.  That is no reason to chill indoors while watching videos.  Here are some pointers for working out in the heat.

  1.  Drink some water before your workout.  Drink water during your workout. Drink water after your workout.  Notice I did not name any sports drinks?   Water is absorbed faster than a sports drink and it has no calories.  Don’t be overly worried about electrolytes.  If you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and you should be, you will have all the electrolytes you need.
  2. Wear appropriate clothes.  Light colors are better than dark colors.  Loose fitting is better than tight.  Sweat helps keep you cool, so opt for cotton that holds onto your sweat rather than the new moisture wicking fabrics.  If you have access to plenty of water, consider pouring some over your head.
  3. Schedule your workout for earlier in the day before the heat sets in.  A morning workout energizes your whole day.  A morning bike ride along Henderson’s bike paths or a brisk walk in Red Rocks are a perfect start to your day.
  4. Exercise is like brushing your teeth – a little every day is much better that a whole lot on just one day!  So if you are not in great shape, commit to even just 15 minutes a day until your stamina improves and you acclimate to the heat, then add 5 or 10 minutes every week or two until you can comfortably exercise 150 minutes a week, which is what experts recommend for optimum health.
  5. If you really can’t bear to be in the heat, go indoors to a gym or indoor pool.