Drinking Calories vs Losing Weight

There is a big flap in the U.K. right now over a sugar tax that is proposed on some sugar sweetened drinks.  The U.K., like many countries is dealing with a massive obesity problem.  So, some of the lawmakers decided that taxing sugary drinks would curb consumption, especially among poorer families with children.  The same thing was proposed by then New York mayor Michael Bloomberg.  The reason for the controversy is that people feel that poor people are unfairly targeted by the tax.  However, poor people especially poor children are disproportionately overweight.  Being overweight is not a cosmetic problem.  Overweight is implicated in higher risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Here is what I share with every single client –   Try not to drink calories.  Make water, tea  coffee your beverages.  Someone has been telling lies when they say that juice is healthy.  It is not.  Eating an orange or an apple is infinitely better for you that drinking orange or apple juice.  When you eat an orange you are eating a whole food.  When you drink orange juice you are drinking processed food.  Fruit juice causes a spike in blood sugar.  Eating fruit does not cause that spike because the fruit is accompanied by its fiber.  If you are trying to lose weight and eat healthier, fiber is your good friend.  Research has shown that drinking a glass of juice or soda does nothing for satiety (the feeling of fullness you get after eating something), but eating a piece of fruit does result in satiety.

Lastly, it is important to point out that we eat for nutrition.  An orange or an apple is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.  All substances our body needs to make more cells.  If you consistently consume foodlike substances without nutrients you are starving your body even though you may be gaining weight.  Try to eat food in its natural state and drink water when thirsty.