14 Day Vegan Detox Challenge

The 14 Day Vegan Detox Challenge

The 14 Day Vegan Detox Challenge is all about embracing nutrient dense plant-based foods in tasty ways you’ve never imagined and committing to a physical fitness plan with direct support to achieve amazing results.


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Many of us need to detox our bodies after years of consuming foods that are hard on our digestive systems. Detoxing is not about taking a bunch of pills and herbs to rid your body of toxins. It’s about consuming foods that are full of energy, drinking plenty of water, and doing moderate intensity exercise.

If weight loss is your goal you should focus on eating plants instead of meat; the weight really comes off fast! If you have a condition such as diabetes or heart disease and you switch to a vegan diet, your health improves dramatically.  There are lots of people who believe you can’t improve your health with diet; that you have to take drugs. But that is because they don’t make enough changes and stay consistent.


During our call at signup, I will consult with you to determine what kinds of foods you like, foods you might like to try, and take into consideration any food allergies.

From there, you will get a grocery list of items to shop for before your cooking session.  I will bring a bag of staple grocery items which will include ingredients for approximately (3) meals a day for up to 4 days depending on portion size.  During our cooking sessions, which will be before or after our training session, I will assist you with making the following and more depending on your preferences:

Creamy, delicious oatmeal breakfast
Chopped salad and vegetables and beans
Hummus with pita bread
Pasta with red sauce

We will create delicious dishes you might not have ever tried and some of your favorites with a vegan spin on things.



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The 14 Day Vegan Detox Challenge also emphasizes physical activity, that is why you will have 4 dedicated (1) hour personal training sessions in the comfort of your own home.  You can even BRING A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER FOR FREE!







Action will get you the results you are seeking. Committing to a plan is hard enough, that is why you will have one-on-one support and encouragement from a passionate instructor who lives this lifestyle and has the results to show.

Call me and take action now!



This is an incredible value at only $299!


This plan includes:

A personalized nutrition plan

Recipes and some groceries

(2) Vegan cooking lessons

(4) Personal Training Sessions in the comfort of your own home

One-On-One Guidance and Support along the way



Accept the Challenge by Wednesday September 14th and receive meals for 4 additional days! That a $70 Value!

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